My apartment complex includes a gym

Shortly after college, I was offered a job that required me to move across the country. The pay was good and the position included the possibility of upward mobility, so I packed up my stuff and made the twenty-hour drive. My plan was to rent an apartment for a couple of years while I saved up for a house. I probably should have found a cheap apartment but I chose one of the larger, modern complexes. I couldn’t resist the many amenities. My apartment building includes a huge swimming pool. I like to get up early, have the pool to myself and swim palp. There’s an area with sun loungers, barbecue grills and patio tables and chairs. I have access to tennis and racquet ball courts that are great for a workout. The apartment is outfitted with brand new appliances, granite countertops and a private balcony. One of the best features of the complex is the fitness center. It’s located just down the hall from my door. I am literally steps away from a full equipped gym. I have my pick of state-of-the-art treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. I can use the weight bench, free weights and battle ropes. There’s a collection of jump ropes, resistance bands, weighted balls and weighted poles. Everything is always clean and the latest model. There’s a water cooler and bathroom inside the gym. Because of all of these perks, I’ve been reluctant to invest in a house. I don’t really want to move out of my apartment. I’m unwilling to trade the swimming pool, tennis courts and gym for mowing my own lawn.


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