Gym membership is worthwhile

I’ve been a member at the same gym for almost twenty-five years.

The gym has changed ownership and even its name over the years.

It’s been remodeled and the membership fees have more than doubled. I’ve seen other members quit and new ones sign up. Every January and February we get a huge influx of people. They are typically dressed up in brand new and very expensive fitness attire. They are at the gym to be seen rather than actually workout and don’t typically last long. I’ve also made friends with some of the regulars that I see all the time. I use the gym to keep myself physically fit. I show up every morning at the exact same time and spend a minimum of an hour exercising. I switch between using the treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals for cardio. Sometimes I run on the indoor track. I then move onto weight training. I like to use the machines that target the different muscle groups. Sometimes, I grab a dumbbell and simply lift. Over the years, a lot of new and beneficial equipment has been added to the gym. There are now heavy bags and speed bags, a rock climbing wall and battle ropes. The machines include touchscreens, large monitors and wifi connectivity. I like the variety of group classes. I’ve had the opportunity to take crossfit, spin, pilates, yoga, boot camp and circuit training. There are so many options for working out at the gym that my sessions never get stale. I enjoy the chance to focus on my health and fitness without distractions.

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