The air purifier is a benefit to my home

I have suffered from dust sensitivity symptoms since I was a teenager, and I don’t remember having dust sensitivity symptoms when I was younger, but I really remember them starting after our family plus I moved down south… All of the odd flowers plus plants caused concerns for me. I had trouble breathing plus I had to get an inhaler from the nurse. At first, they thought I had asthma. After weeks of tests, they realized it was just flu-like symptoms. I could not sleep at night, because I was always sneezing plus coughing, and my Dad plus Mom decided to buy an actual media whole-new home air purifier for our house, when I was having a lot of trouble sleeping… The media whole-home air purifier is a large unit that blows air on the desk in our room. I usually turn on the media whole-home air purifier at night before I go to bed. The media whole-home air purifier removes all of the germs, allergens, viruses, plus bacteria from inside of the air. All of these contaminants cause problems. After a month or 2 of using the media whole-home air purifier, I started to think better plus I started to sleep more soundly at night. These afternoons, I still sleep with an air cleaning unit next to our bed. My flu-like symptoms aren’t as disappointing as they were when I was a kid, but I still suffer in the Spring, then when the flowers are blooming plus the grass is getting chopped every weekend, I have a lot of trouble breathing. After the blooming season is finished, I usually think of some relief until the following Spring season. I’m still thankful for the indoor air cleaning machine.

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