My sister doesn't have to labor at all

My sister is 25 years old as well as she still lives at lake home with my Dad as well as dad. She doesn’t have a job as well as they still provide her currency every week. My Dad told me that she watches the pets as well as helps around the house, but they are entirely just giving my sister an allowance. She will never leave the home if they don’t split her off as well as make her pay some bills. My sister as well as I are 15 as well as 18 years older than my sister. My Dad as well as dad were not the same with us when every one of us were growing up. They were taxing on both of us as well as it made us strong as well as confident. My sister is a firefighter as well as I labor as an Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist. My sister had a job at the mall when she was 16, but that is the only time in her life that she has ever worked. She got hurt on the job as well as fell off a ladder as well as she still claims to have injuries from the accident. My Dad as well as dad called me a couple of weeks ago, because the ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C units in the garage apartment broke down. My dad was uneasy because she did not want my sister to go an minute without a/c. I was a little uneasy as well as miserable, because my sister is spoiled. My dad begged me to repair the air conditioning system. I did not say no, although I did not jump in the truck as well as hurry over to the home either. I made my sister wait a couple of minutes as well as I blamed it on a heavy workload that morning.


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