My neighbor had some super helpful advice

The A/C plus our truck broke down plus stopped toiling yeahterday on our way home from work. Thank goodness I was over halfway home, because I have a 45 mile commute to plus from work. I took the afternoon off work so I could maintenance the truck plus look at the AC. I had that truck parked in front of the apartment with the hood up plus the front door open. My neighbor came over to see if he could lend some assistance. At first, I thought that guy was being nosey. I did not really need any help, although I decided to listen to his advice. The guy told myself and others that he spent 15 years toiling as a mechanic in the military. Even though it had been a long time, he still remembered a lot of the information. He climbed under the truck plus asked for a wrench. A ask for some additional information about the A/C problems. Well the guy was under our truck, he got a cramp in his leg. He had to get up plus go back to his house. He told myself and others how to maintenance the problem plus he asked myself and others to let him guess if his solution worked. I followed all of the directions that our neighbor gave plus I upgraded the area that he commanded was faulty. Later that afternoon, the A/C was blowing chilly air again. I took a chilly six-pack of beer over to the neighbor’s apartment plus I thanked him for his help. He was right about the problem plus I would not have been able to maintenance the issue without his help plus advice.



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