My husband and I met online

My husband and I met online and I agreed to move to where he lives so that we could be together. However, I never really asked very much about the climate of the area where he was from. I guess when you’re young and in love, you don’t really think about the temperature or the climate or the barometric pressure in the area where your crush is living! Anyway, we had a quick and passionate courtship and then we ended up deciding to move in together really fast. I told him that I would move to live with him because he had a great job there and a great house. I was still living in an apartment at that point and with my job, I can telecommute from anywhere so it just made sense. Anyway, when I moved in with him, the very first thing I noticed was how cold he kept the thermostat settings! I moved there in the summer and he was running the central air conditioning all the time at that point. I would be walking around in a sweatshirt and a coat while he would be in shorts and a tank top, enjoying the A/C in his house just like always. It took a whole lot of acclimating to get used to the central air conditioning in the house, that’s for sure. We are married now and have been for years, but I still remember how freezing cold that first summer and fall were when I moved in. I don’t think I had ever used an air conditioner as much as we did that first summer that we were together.


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