I can't believe I can laugh at this now

Back when I had a window air conditioning unit, I ended up breaking the thing! Literally! Back then I was pretty peeved about it, but today thinking back it is really hilarious plus I can laugh at it.

What had happened was that I was trying to set up the window cooling system unit into a window that wasn’t the right fit for it.

And then the window cooling unit ended up falling out the window, going down many stories plus blowing up into a million pieces on the ground. The big calamitous bang ended up making such a racket that neighbors called the police thinking someone set off a bomb or something! I am not kidding! And then when the police arrived at my home, they were really laughing at how dumb I was for trying to get a small window cooling system unit into a bigger window. It just doesn’t work. All kidding and humor aside, I am thrilled that the window air conditioning days are long gone and behind most of us today, plus that most have central heating and cooling systems in their house. I have been living with central heating plus advanced A/C for well over 20 years now plus I can tell you, I do not miss the outdated window cooling system in the mornings at all! But I will never forget that one time. It is a sheer reminder of how heating plus A/C technology has advanced super nicely over the years plus how blessed all of us are today to have central heating plus A/C all around all the time!



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