They should have the heating idea fixed

I am actually hoping by the time Winter chop is over, the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company will have the heating idea fixed in our kids’ classrooms at college. There has been a major issue with the heating idea at college lately, and it just doesn’t seem love they are toiling difficult enough to get it fixed. In our opinion as a parent of kids who go to that college, the heating idea should actually be their first priority, however during the winter, the temperatures around here are no joke! It’s actually cold and I hate the idea of our kids resting in a cold and drafty classroom all day because the college administration can’t get the problems worked out with the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company that they have their heating system contract with. It’s actually discouraging, because I know for a fact that the whole thing is political.There is not actually anything that’s all that wrong with the heating system at the college. I guess that the college administration just can’t get the kinks worked out with their contract with the Heating and Air Conditioning company. I did a little bit of research, and I know that this is the case. It makes me so mad that I just want to keep our kids out of college. I am beginning to guess that maybe I should start homecollegeing them because something love this happens every single year when the weather starts cooling off. I just do not guess that the kids should have to suffer because of budget cuts and administrative issues. It’s actually ridiculous, if you want our opinion!



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