My brother’s house is so cold that I can’t even visit

I guess that our brother keeps his house cold on purpose just so I won’t go over and visit her! She knows that I am on this medication that makes me guess love I am cold all the time, and I guess that he is doing it just to be mean to me! My brother has always been pretty mean to me, and I know it’s because he is our older brother.

She laughs and says that it’s his task to be mean to me, even though I do not guess so.

Occasionally I wish that he would just grow up. I would not even go over to his house at all these nights, but he has our niece and nephew over there and so I want to see them. I could care less about visiting our brother though! Anyway, the last time I went over there to visit the kids, I looked at his temperature control in the hallway and the temperature control settings were at 65 degrees! I do not know anyone else around here who would dream of keeping their temperature control set at 65 degrees while in the middle of the winter. She makes fun of me because I always wear a coat in his house, but any normal man would. She just laughs and shakes his head, even though I guess he keeps it too cold for me on purpose. If he actually enjoyed me, he would turn the heating system on once in a while. Maybe I am being overdramatic, at least that’s what he says. But in our opinion, you should not have a heating system if you are not going to use it.

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