Should have been using a smart thermostat all this time

For years, or since we’ve owned this dwelling, I’ve been the heating and cooling czar.

It’s been my task to make sure the Heating, Ventilation and A/C temperature control setting is in line with our budget.

And with the size of our dwelling and the rising costs of heating and cooling utilities, that’s not especially simple. So, I pretty much learned how to program the digital temperature control and then absolutely kept a hawk eye on it on a regular basis. The results were great when it came to saving on Heating, Ventilation and A/C appliance costs. The heating costs in the nippy season have constantly been the most serious concern. Our Winter is extremely cold. The kind of cold that will just about snap you off at the waist if you happen to be outside and not completely bundled up. The dwelling is an ancient colonial and I’ve done basically all I can to make sure that the dwelling remains absolutely tight. This has been critical to holding down heating costs along with the temperature control discipline. But just this past year, I finally decided that I’d possibly see if the smart temperature control might be able to do a better job with everything. A fairly good friend has had a smart temperature control for a few years now and he basically just raves about it. He’s also the sort of guy that raves about anything and everything he owns so, I had to take it with a grain of salt. But the first month the smart temperature control was on the task in our dwelling, I easily saw just what this person was so blissful about. I was stunned to see that in the first month of heating the dwelling, the smart temperature control beat my record savings by 15 percent. No doubt who is the new heating and cooling czar in this dwelling these days.

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