Did you see the advertisement on the television?

I was talking to my friend last week, and she asked if I had seen the advertisement on television.

We were talking about who we were taking to the company Christmas party, and somehow it turned into talking about television.

I expected her to say something about it being something she wanted for Christmas, but I was wrong. She had seen a half hour infomercial for a local HVAC company. It was an infomercial that fictionalized all the disasters that could happen in your home, because of faulty heating systems. She asked me if I knew I could die in my sleep if my furnace malfunctioned. I laughed when she said she was going to call the HVAC company and have them assess the heating system in her house. If there was anything wrong with the heating system, she was going to have them install a new one. It was apparent that this infomercial really had her concerned. I had never heard such fear in her voice, other than when she thought she was going to be going to the Christmas party without a date. She asked me if I could recommend a HVAC company she could call to make the appointment. I asked if she had written down the name and phone number of the HVAC company who had done the infomercial. She hung up and called the HVAC company and reported back that they would be at the house that afternoon. I’m fairly sure that everything will be fine with her furnace, but if she’ll feel safer having it assessed, then I am glad she is making the call.



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