The furnace was having issues

One of the most crucial mistakes I have ever made was when I decided to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company last month.

There wasn’t any heat coming from the HVAC vents and I hadn’t heard the gas heating appliance run in a couple of hours at least.

The temperature was falling in the dwelling. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning company and told them I needed our gas furnace checked and repaired. The Heating and Air Conditioning appliance worker asked me multiple questions and he set up an appointment to come to the dwelling. Luckily I only needed to wait for a short while before the worker showed up at the dwelling. The first thing the Heating and Air Conditioning tech did was look at the temperature control. He told me that the first thing I should do was take a look at the battery. When the battery dies, the temperature control isn’t able to talk to the gas heating appliance and tell it when it is time to turn on or off. I was alarmed to hear him say that pretty much everyone who calls for maintenance at this time of year, ends up just having a dead battery in their temperature control appliance. He said that our problem was not the temperature control and asked where the gas heating appliance was. He was in the basement for a long while and when he came back upstairs. It wasn’t fantastic news when he told me the gas heating appliance needed to be upgraded, even though I felt better about the situation. At least I wasn’t one of those people who called for maintenance and never chose to check the battery in the temperature control. I had to go to a hotel for three days while the gas heating appliance was being upgraded, however it wasn’t bad.


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