The hotel had an amazing gym

Last month my wife and I took a trip to the beach.

It wasn’t just a weekend getaway, though, it was a week-long excursion to paradise.

This hotel sat right on the edge of the ocean, looking out into the great beautiful infinite waters, with a wide strip of pristine white beach around us. There was a beachside bar for easy refills, and if we didn’t want to walk to the beach our suite had a huge, comfortable balcony in the sun. There was no lack of top tier amenities in this hotel, but my favorite part was the private gym. Although it was very small, just the size of two normal hotel rooms, this little gym was packed with cutting edge equipment. Over the course of a week I hit that gym every single day and never did the same workout twice. They even had a steam room next door, so I could pop in for a schvitz after I had worked up a good sweat. There was an on-call personal trainer who was there a few hours a day, and she was very nice but I didn’t need her help. I have been on this same workout program for several years now, and I think the results speak for themselves! After that vacation, I find myself unimpressed with my own home gym, which doesn’t compare. I may have to start going back to the local gym, just for a change of pace. I didn’t realize how much I missed having access to a sauna until I was at the hotel gym.


Local gym