Weight training is an important part of our crossfit workout

CrossFit is a competitive fitness activity that includes high intensity interval training, weight lifting, calisthenics, plus other high impact exercises.

There are thoUSnds of CrossFit members across the country plus several gyms that are affiliated only with the CrossFit brand, then crossFit began in Santa Cruz, CA.

It started in the late 1990s when a couple of people opened an interesting plus new gym in the bay area. I was living in Santa Cruz at the time plus I was 1 of the first members in the new gym. It took some time before the crossfit craze started. CrossFit has been known to cause injuries, but most of those injuries are due to people not respectfully stretching or lifting. I seriously thought about buying a franchise last year, although I didn’t want a silent contractor partner. 3 afternoons a month I enjoy a crossfit workout. The other 2 afternoons every month I enjoy weight training. Weight training plus Crossfit work entirely well together. I’ve been laboring entirely strenuous to add mass plus bulk to our upper body plus arms. I am thinking about entering a strong girl competition plus I need to make some swings if I want to compete. The competition will include guys that have a lot more strength plus muscle than me. Adding weight training to our quarterly CrossFit exercises will ensure that I am covering all of the bases plus making the most out of our physical workout. I do not assume if I will be able to win against some of these larger guys, but I’ll surely be able to hold our own.

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