New furnace sure made the difference

I’ve never really gotten comfortable with the winter here.

This has absolutely everything to do with the fact that I’m not from the north and that winter here is a real eye opener.

That said, you’d think that after five years up here, I would be better off with the winter than I am. But I sill have the space heater under my desk at work and I can barely stand being outside at all. That’s not a great deal of improvement on my part. However, there is something that has improved. And that would be the HVAC heating in our home. From the first winter that we moved in here, I’ve never felt anything close to toasty warm. I figured that was just me but it continued into the second winter. So the third winter, I had a buddy show me all that goes into preparing the house for winter. And we sealed the house up really tight plus added insulation to the attic. It was better and our HVAC heating costs went down but I was still far from being cozy. So I was sort of at a loss. The fourth winter, the HVAC technician told me that the gas furnace might be at the end of its service. We got through that winter and saved up to replace that piece of HVAC equipment. This is the winter with the new gas furnace. And man, that was the missing piece of the puzzle for sure. It’s so nice in our home this winter and we are still saving a significant chunk of money on the heating costs.

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