Back to renting comes with the same old HVAC

It’s really just so weird to be temporarily living in an apartment.

I mean it’s a full on apartment complex with neighbors next to us and below us.

Thankfully, there is no one above us. At least we have that going for us. But I sure do miss my own HVAC equipment. It didn’t take but a few days for me to remember just what living in an apartment was like when it comes to heating and cooling. I’ve dealt with worse when I was just out of college. But this is not good to say the least. We recently sold the family house we have owned for over 25 years. This was not something that we particularly wanted to do but it was a necessary thing to do. The facts were readily apparent that it was time to upgrade the HVAC equipment and move on. The kids were all out in the world on their own. Our youngest daughter graduated and got a good job in her field a couple of years ago. Keeping that house just for the two of us simply made no sense whatsoever. The heating and cooling bills alone were outrageous for just two people. Plus, it was a lot of work trying to keep that place up. We were spending more time doing the house stuff than we were enjoying our lives. And at this age, I want to enjoy my life. So the new HVAC equipment was a big hit and we ended up with a bidding war on the house. We made a bundle and are now figuring out what to do next. But I know I can’t go long without my own quality heating and air.

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