I appreciate living in a tiny house

My parents have a immense amount of property and most of the land is still wooded with lots of oak and pine trees, but after I got out of the military, I wanted to kneel low for a couple of years, however i had a task working remotely for the government and I only needed the internet to access our files.

I did not even have to go to the office at all, then once each month I had a zoom call with the boss and the two of us discussed any concerns with our accounts.

I talked to our parents about living on the property in a tiny house, and my mom and dad thought it was an ridiculous idea. They wanted myself and others to live in the main house. I truthfully did not want to live with our parents. I had plenty of money for a place of our own. My parents agreed to let myself and others clear 3 acres near the south end of the property. I even had a driveway cleared from the road to the section where our tiny home was parked. I searched for the perfect place and I found a mobile tiny home that was already started however needed a lot of TLC. I purchased the place and started making variations immediately. I diagnosed our correct task while in the morning and at night I made variations to the house. One of the greatest variations occurred when I added a ductless mini-cut heating and air conditioning, then before that time, there was no heat or A/C in the house. I was working with several different fans running at the same time. I was severely thrilled to finally have cool A/C in our house.

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