Joining a cross fit gym to try it out

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were driving across town to visit some friends. We were running some errands for the day as well. We decided to go to the grocery store, bakery, and even the appliance store. We spent about 20 or 30 minutes in line at the farmers market, but we ended up with some beautiful squash, tomatoes, corn, and zucchini. Just as we were leaving, we saw some young people placing flyers on all of the car windshields. Our car already had a flyer, and it was bright pink with dark black letters. The flyer was an advertisement for a new CrossFit gym. The CrossFit gym is opening up in a month, after the old building is completely renovated. The CrossFit gym is going to be in the same building as the old paper supplier. That place hasn’t been used in some time, and I assume there are plenty of renovations to complete. The CrossFit gym will need a wonderful heating and air conditioning system, and that old building will probably need new ventilation equipment as well. My sister and I probably won’t join the CrossFit gym, but it’s nice to see new businesses taking over some of these old, local companies. Last week, a new grocery store opened up on the east side of town, and they are going to open an additional location in the fall. Things are really moving and shaking around this place. All of these companies help to create more jobs in a small town that desperately needs it. Businesses like the crossfit gym, coffee house, and bakery are perfect for attracting new neighbors and new business opportunities.




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