The new Fitness trainer is so cute

My girlfriends and I belong to a fitness center, and we try to visit three or four times each week.

The fitness center has a lot of equipment, and they keep everything in great shape.

There is at least half a dozen elliptical machines, and they also have treadmills and stationary bikes. The fitness center offers a wide variety of classes, including Zumba, aerobics, and they even have a taebo class. One great thing about the fitness gym is the indoor air quality. They have a state of the art HVAC system that feels amazing. Several months ago, two employees left at the same time. They decided to start a gym of their own. We haven’t had any fitness trainers in a while, but they just hired two new guys. Both of the fitness trainers are very cute, but my friends and I have no idea if they are single. We’re going to double up our time at the fitness center, so we can accidentally run into the new guys. One of them is a tall guy with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a cute smile and very nice teeth. The other guy is shorter, but he has a great physique. It’s clear this guy has been working out at the gym most of his life. There are a lot of benefits to going to the gym more frequently, and hopefully one of us will be able to snag a phone number. If we don’t end up with a boyfriend, at least we will have a six pack of abs and great deltoids.

Fitness coahing

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