Private classes aren't worth the money

When I was in high school, I played a lot of different sports.

I really preferred group sports like football, baseball, and soccer.

When I was a freshman, I was placed on the varsity football team. I was very scrawny, but I could run fast as lightning. I needed to bulk up, so I started going to the weight room every afternoon. They even let me go during my free afternoon period. It didn’t take long to bulk up and gain some muscle mass. I continued to work out all through high school, and I joined a gym when I had money of my own. I live in a town with multiple choices for workout gyms. There are some CrossFit gyms, personal fitness trainers, and regular fitness centers with standard equipment like treadmills, free weights, and stationary bikes. One great thing about the gym is all of the classes. They offer a variety of group fitness classes or individual fitness classes. The group fitness classes fill up quickly, because they only allow 20 people in each class. The whole group works with a single fitness trainer that leads the session. My gym offers group classes in Zumba, spinning, and Taekwondo. They also just started offering a pilates class. I looked into the cost to work with a personal fitness trainer, but it doesn’t seem worthwhile. It doesn’t cost any extra money to join the group workout training classes. I still feel motivated to work harder, but I don’t have to pay $50 an hour to be alone with a personal trainer.
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