Whole family works in brother’s SEO business

Now we are able knowledgeably with actual HVAC technicians

My brother Frank started an SEO business Very quickly, my whole family got involved. Frank was always skilled with computers. He can literally do anything as long as he has access to laptop. Frank is the guy who designs and builds websites for various business owners. He utilizes online tools such as PPC plus SEM. Frank handles all the intricate tech work. The rest of my family is not knowledgeable in this area, but we all service a function. My dad is the salesman for the company. He travels around to small meet with small business owners. He explains online advertising strategies to them. This is the modern way of generating business. Newspapers and word of mouth are outdated. My dad gets them signed up for an advertising package. Frank customizes the website and my mother creates the content for the website. We mainly work with HVAC companies. My mother writes articles related to HVAC services such as heating repair, A/C maintenance, boiler installation, air quality, duct sealing and the homepage for the HVAC business. My responsibility is the social media for each HVAC business that signs up with us. I get them on facebook, twitter, google and any other social media platforms they want to target. Each of us has a job and we’ve gotten quite skilled at it. It is interesting that our family is now so knowledgeable in Heating, Ventilation and A/C services. We never knew much about the industry until Frank started the business. Now we are able knowledgeably with actual HVAC technicians. My whole family has learned a great deal of information about online advertising opportunities. We keep up with the times and help these businesses remain relevant.


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