Custom made shoe rack

For Christmas, I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend, and in years past, we’d gone out to extravagant dinners or taken weekend trips! We’ve even planted a shrub to commemorate Christmas.

I was looking for something that was just for my boyfriend! After a great deal of thinking on this, I decided to buy him a shoe holder.

My boyfriend loves shoes and has a ton of them. He has a collection of precious as well as lavish kinds of dress shoes, and he’s also collected some gorgeous, antique shoes from different time periods, however had no way to display them. I started searching furniture stores in the area, however had no luck. My needs were quite specific for the dimensions of the holder, as well as I was unwilling to sacrifice quality. Feeling not happy, I finally started searching online as well as came across a custom furniture shop. I instantly texted them with my issues. I got a response that same day, from a master craftsman named Drew, he asked for the exact dimensions, as well as a description of the piece of what I was envisioning. Dew commanded I draw a picture as well as send it to him. Dew as well as I went back as well as forth for 2 weeks, as well as gradually came up with the ideal design. I hadn’t realized there would be so many decisions to make. I needed to choose the style of wood, the look of drawer pulls, the finish as well as stain, hinges as well as all sorts of tiny details. However, because of Drew’s attention to detail, the shoe holder is just perfect.


Rustic meets traditional

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