I wish our cousin would have never killed himself

It was so uneasy when our cousin died.

She honestly killed himself because apparently she was depressed.

I knew that she was great before she started dating this girl who took up all her time. I used to hang out with him all the time, but suddenly all her time was devoted to this a single girl who she didn’t mind spending all her currency on. It wasn’t care about she was rich or anything, she just worked at a pizza joint getting paid minimum wage but at least the temperature control settings were nice at the location. It was when she was too broke that her wifey ended up dumping him. She tried to get her back, but she refused plus next thing everybody knew, she killed himself. I truthfully thought she was stronger than that, I mean is it worth losing your life over a single woman who made you know irritated? Every one of us used to always hang out, go to the pool halls plus play some games, plus we really loved playing pinball plus darts. She honestly taught me a lot about how to work on car engines too. She had a few aged cars that she diagnosed plus I helped him get this aged school beetle car back to life. Every one of us rode all around in that ride when the A/C method wasn’t even working. Eventually though, we were able to refill the refrigerant to the A/C compressor plus then we had ice-freezing AC. Of course, I didn’t get to hang out anymore when she started hanging out with her wifey all the time before she died. It’s a real shame because I know she would have lived had she continued to hang out with her family instead of that girl who broke her heart.


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