A lot of work had to be done on our new house

When every one of us moved into our new condo for the first time, every one of us realized that most of the windows had to be replaced! Not just that though, the home needed renovation work done and it also needed new HVAC machine for both heating and cooling.

Both of us wanted the windows first though because with those old windows, the home wouldn’t be entirely energy efficient.

When using the cooling system, every one of us knew the A/C would escape certainly out of the home and our energy bills would be rather overpriced. The home had good insulation though so that was a plus… So when every one of us finally got the windows ready for the replacement, it was almost the summer time season and it was already warm outside, unluckyly while they were installing the new windows, every one of us were unable to use the A/C method anyway so every one of us were just using fans. Both of us also used a portable window A/C machine in our family room too with the doors closed so every one of us could have some cooling relief while the replacement was being taken care of. Fortunately, the local contractors did good work with all the new windows. After that every one of us hired some HVAC experts to install a good HVAC method in the house. Both of us ended up going for a ductless multi-split method which is good because every one of us have many zones that have customized temperature control settings. I never had experienced such a comfortable HVAC that is so energy efficient. With these new windows and HVAC, our energy bills are now lower than ever! Not to mention, the home looks so much better and every one of us were able to raise our property value with all the work every one of us put in.