Living proof that HVAC maintenance is the right call

And that residential HVAC lasted 26 years

When we first moved here, I wasn’t so sure that we should even buy a house. The fact was that we were both starting over in life and I didn’t know if getting into a mortgage right away would be a good thing. My new wife and I were both starting new jobs among lots of other changes. This was my first job working inside the zone controlled HVAC of an office. So I wasn’t even sure that I’d find that interesting. For years, I plied my trade on job sites but now, I was moving from the field to the office with a heck of a big pay raise. However, my wife convinced me to just have a look at what was available before we signed a lease. I wasn’t any more excited than she was to live in an apartment with neighbors sharing a wall and HVAC equipment that might be questionable. So, I thought why not and we took a few day. Of course, we found this house on the first day. Actually it was the third house we looked at. Other than needing new HVAC equipment, the house was just perfect for our needs. Plus, the price was well below what I had in mind so we put in an offer and got it. The first thing we did was to replace the heating and cooling equipment. And that residential HVAC lasted 26 years. This story is a testament to the fact that HVAC maintenance in the fall and the spring are worth every penny spent. Not only did our HVAC unit last 26 years, it never once suffered any sort of problem that needed an HVAC service call.

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