Interview relief thanks to zone controlled HVAC

It wasn’t that I was faint or even dizzy really.

I moved over to the HVAC ductwork to get some air conditioning on my face.

That helped a whole lot. Nothing like a blast of HVAC cooling in the face to help stave off a weird moment. It was really more like a weird, sort of panicky feeling that just seized my insides once I sat down after checking in with the reception person. I was on the interview of my life. There’s no other way to really articulate the stakes that were suddenly in the balance. It was a very heady feeling. At the same time, I was a bit terror stricken at the thought of playing this one opportunity wrong. That’s when the slick ooze of miscalculation slipped over the inner workings of my gears. And I got hot. I got that hot sticky feeling sorta hot that makes a person maybe think about sitting down. Thing was, I was already sitting down. That’s what precipitated the move to the HVAC air duct. Almost intuitively, I think we want some sort of cooling during those moments. Since I could splash a cold mountain stream on my face and get a hold of myself, the air conditioning air vent simply had to do. And it worked. Thank goodness for commercial HVAC and zone controlled HVAC. It took maybe a full 90 seconds of standing still under that air conditioning but I did manage to pull myself together and get my game face on. And on the way in the door to the inner office for my interview, I was pleased that the air conditioning was even a bit more cooling than in the waiting area.



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