Pool house comes with air conditioning as well

Who’d a thought a guy like me would even be invited to a property with a pool house much less build one for my family.

I was not a great bet to be super successful as I wasn’t super smart or super committed at some early jobs.

I didn’t like the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Well really, I hated everything about working in an office and I finally did enough to get canned. That forced me to go with my passions and do something for other reasons than money and zone controlled HVAC comfort. Then I hit it rich simply doing what I believed in and now I have a pool house with central air conditioning. Some days I seriously wake up and have to reorient myself to the life I’m currently living. If you like the quality heating and air in the pool house, just try the residential HVAC in the main house. This is where I like having zone controlled HVAC. We have six separate thermostat with one main smart thermostat. The HVAC equipment is so quiet, I sometimes don’t know it’s even on. Plus, this thing also has a whole home air purification system in it as well. It uses UV light to destroy all the airborne contaminants so the indoor air quality is so pure. Still, I have central air conditioning in a pool house. I also have a pool table inside the pool house which is next to the pool. See where I’m going with this? It just keeps getting better. Like, how cool is it to have a beer, shoot pool in the air conditioning while the rest of your family is enjoying the sunshine and the pool.

Air conditioning install