HVAC is a great career path

As my kids get older and get close to making decisions about their futures, I want to make sure that they make an informed decision.

It seems like a lot of kids are going off to college and getting buried in debt when they don’t even really know what they want to do with their lives.

In hopes of preventing that happening with my own kids, I am making sure they know their options. I have had some of my family and friends come talk to them about their profession, and one of the best conversations was actually with their uncle the other day. He told them all about his career as an HVAC technician. He talked about how HVAC technicians don’t just go to homes and businesses for repairs. In fact, HVAC technicians are present on all kinds of construction sites and in all sorts of buildings. Everything needs some form of heating or cooling, which means there is always another job to do.In addition, he shared his salary and his stepping stones for earning that salary. He told them how much money they would save by entering the workforce, rather than going straight to college without a solid plan or goal. Some other aspects of the career involve working with customers and increasing efficiency, which also improves the environment. I’m not saying that my kids are all going to go into HVAC now, but it sure seemed like they had a new respect for their uncle and his career path.