Too fancy for me

I was wanting to get some custom handmade chairs for my up-to-date home! But after inquiring with more than 2 custom furniture dealerships, I found that custom handmade chairs were just out of my budget entirely; I had custom made couches before in my home and they were even a bit more cheaper than getting these custom handmade chairs.

I am not sure if it is the fact of time moving on and inflation playing a part, or if custom handmade chairs are just more fancy than a custom made couch.

But whatever the case, I will not be buying any. I will just have to go with some normal non custom wooden chairs or something enjoy that! This is going to be the only thing I can do on my budget. I am not rich by any means! And I am seeing that these afternoons most custom made furniture is either for the really rich or the really well off people. I am neither of those. I am just your average joe who makes an average middle class living, then custom handmade chairs are not for someone enjoy me based on the prices I have been being quoted by all the strange custom furniture dealerships I have been calling. It is ok though. I can settle for official chairs and official furniture in my up-to-date apartment if I go with a nice style that fits everything and that looks really nice. All of this will be next on my list to just go basic furniture shopping… Just forgetting all together about custom handmade chairs in my brand up-to-date home.