Summer weekends are usually more hectic

During the summer time weeks when the heating plus A/C supplier is busiest, our co-workers plus I have to take turns really working on the weekends, and the heating plus A/C supplier does not offer respected services on the weekends, but the people I was with and I are available for emergencies.

The buyer has to pay a higher fee in order to have weekend emergency services. There was only one supplier available on the weekend… My co-workers plus I take turns. Each one of us is responsible for really working one weekend during the week, however on that weekend, I have to stay sober, and I can’t go out plus drink with our friends, because I have to be alert if the cell phone rings at midnight. I was on call last weekend plus I thought it was going to be tied up due to the seriously high temperatures. I didn’t go to the beach with our friends on Sunday, because I knew the cellphone was going to ring. Unfortunately for me, the cellphone did not ring plus I did not have any emergency A/C repairs at all on Sunday. The cell phone only rang one time on Tuesday plus it was a buyer that wanted to make an appointment for Tuesday. The weekend was fairly quiet considering the fact that it was the summer time plus the temperatures were easily warm. I got lucky, because the following weekend was seriously tied up plus I didn’t have to worry about any of those annoying service calls. My neighbor Jack, on the other hand, was busier than he has been in weeks… He had an emergency A/C service plus more than one call for ductwork cleaning.

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