Working weekends as an HVAC tech

During the Summer weeks when the heating, ventilation and A/C corporation is busiest, our co-workers and I have to take turns now working on the weekends, but the heating, ventilation and A/C corporation does not offer correct services on the weekends, however the two of us are available for sudden emergencies. The purchaser has to pay a higher fee in order to have weekend emergency services. There was only one professional available on the weekend! My co-workers and I take turns, then each one of us is responsible for now working one weekend while we are in the week! On that weekend, I just have to stay sober… I can’t go out and drink with our friends, because I have to be alert if the PC rings at midnight. I was on call last weekend and I thought it was going to be busy due to the extremely high hot and cold temperatures. I didn’t go to the beach with our friends on Friday, because I knew the PC was going to ring. Unfortunately for me, the PC did not ring and I did not have any emergency AC repairs at all on Friday. The PC only rang one time on Wednesday and it was a purchaser that wanted to make an appointment for Sunday. The weekend was fairly quiet considering the fact that it was the Summer and the hot and cold temperatures were truly warm. I got lucky, because the following weekend was extremely busy and I didn’t have to worry about any of those repair calls. My neighbor Jack, on the other hand, was busier than he has been in weeks. He had an emergency AC repair and numerous calls for air duct cleaning.


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