Wedding money for windows and a tint

When my wife and I got married we had a bunch of anniversary money that we didn’t suppose what to do with, and my wife said to spend it on something in the house, i looked around and decided that what we needed was modern windows, and our windows were outdated with fogged glass, broken hardware and wouldn’t open.

I knew it would change our home by getting modern ones.

I splurged to get enjoyable quality windows that match the house, open entirely and are double hung. My wife and I just love our modern windows, but after getting them installed I really didn’t want to cover them up with curtains. I wanted to showcase my pretty windows. I wasn’t really keen on people seeing inside the home though. I then found that a lot of people use window tinting on the front of a house, however you add a tint to the outdoor glass to add privacy and sun protection! From the outside our windows look to be a dark gray. From the inside the windows look normal. You can see outside and still can notice how pretty my modern windows are; Weirdly I noticed that my utility bills are lower with the sun protective window tint on it. I assume since daylight doesn’t come in anymore, the A/C doesn’t have to run as long. Our utility bills this summer time are at a record low; Both of us also had modern windows installed which means they are airslim as well. So overall, I made a enjoyable option on what to do with all the anniversary money.

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