My Body is Craving a Cold Water Plunge Soon

I was doing cold water dips all winter when I was in Europe and felt great because of them.

But now it is summer and the cold water is gone so I haven’t been taking any for months and really miss the energizing feeling.

I would love to have a cold water bath in my house but really can’t afford it. It’s easy to crank the hot water heater to a hot setting and take a hot bath but you can’t set it to ice cold and do the opposite. We need an invention for homeowners so that people can have access to ice cold water like I had in the Mediterranean Sea last winter. Maybe there is a homeowner solutions HVAC store that makes an ice bath machine or something but I am sure they aren’t cheap. I guess I will just have to wait for mother nature to cool down the sea on her own. It is now early June so that means that I will have to wait five more months for the cooling down to take place. The natural climate control system that the earth offers us is more gradual and we need to be patient while waiting for it to do its thing. I just like the feeling of being alive when I come out of the cold water after 15 minutes of immersion. I usually come home to a bathroom with a space heater heating it up nicely for me while I take a 30 minute hot bath. But I’ll be back on that routine soon so I just need to be patient.


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