Getting all over the thermostat this summer

The days of just endless air conditioning have come to a close in our house.

This will be our third summer and it’s time that we reined in the HVAC cooling.

When we moved from the north, we were super pleased to be trading a gas furnace for a heat pump when it came to HVAC heating. My wife and I, while both born and raised in the north, were not winter people. Sure, it’s nice to have snow at the holidays. It’s a lovely experience and we always had a cozy house with the gas furnace providing the heating. But aside from that, there just wasn’t much about winter that we enjoyed. So giving up on the high cost of HVAC heating was actually pretty easy for us to do. However, as much as we love the weather in the winter and having a heat pump, the summer was something else altogether. For the first two summers, all we knew to do was to throw more HVAC cooling at the heat. It seemed like that was the only way to manage the four months of super high heat and humidity. But this year, I’m taking a different angle thanks to a good buddy who’s a local. He helped me understand that you have to just accept the heat first. And that starts in the spring. So instead of going right for the HVAC cooling this spring, we left it off and acclimated to the heat. This summer, I will be instituting much more rigid thermostat control now that we are a bit more accepting of the heat. I imagine that we’ll save more than 25 or 30 percent from the over air conditioning we’ve done the last two years.
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