Better air with air filtration and air purification

Better air inside the house produces so many added benefits.

And when I say better air, I mean cleaner, healthier air.

It seems pretty obvious when you spell it all out but I somehow just didn’t get the memo on good indoor air quality. This is because I really didn’t even get the concept of dirty or polluted indoor air. In my mind, the HVAC equipment was taking care of the air in my house. While true that the HVAC equipment took care of the air in my house by heating and cooling it, that’s all it was doing. Still, the fact that I had changed so many dirty HVAC air filters was also in my head. If the HVAC unit wasn’t cleaning the indoor air, then why was I seeing so much dust and dirt on the air filter? But what I didn’t realize was that those air filters were actually designed to protect the HVAC equipment from the big stuff that it was trapping. That’s why I was seeing all the dust and dirt. But to provide clean air to my house, once I learned the importance of good indoor air quality, you need good filtration or even air purification. I’ve upgraded the air filter in our home to the HEPA filter. This thing traps and removes more than 99 percent of indoor air contaminants. But we’re saving up for the whole home air purification system as well. That will provide the best indoor air quality we could possibly get but I think our overall, respiratory and immune health are worth it.
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