HVAC can aid immune health

When you’re living your life and that life includes feeling pretty good all the time, it’s a stark contrast when you don’t.

Unfortunately, that’s one of those experiences that all of us will have to deal with.

For me, I’ve been aware of my health for a long, long time. Perhaps too aware of my health in fact. But after spending nearly two years inside the air conditioning of my house due to my health issues, I’m getting more into it from a new perspective. I’ve had a chronic and genetic condition which has limited me in a few ways but I’ve been able to do and be pretty much who I want to be. Yet, the pandemic reminded me, in a very big way, that my health can be better. While I have a condition that kept me inside the safety of the HVAC in our home because I was so high risk with Covid, I decided to do all I could to help. Like, it was time that I did all I can do to have the best health I can have. And being nearly forty, it was for sure time to do that. So along with a change in diet and exercise, I chose to have the best indoor air quality possible. When I learned that the HVAC equipment in my house could help me to have the very best indoor air, I was in. The whole home air purification system is what I have in my HVAC unit now. And, I also replaced the cheap HVAC air filters with a HEPA filter to maximize the indoor air quality in my home.



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