Feeling the early winter blues

I stepped briefly outside to take out the trash and retrieve the recyclables bin, and man was it cold! I was surprised, because we were technically still in fall, but yet it was already pretty cold outside, and the gray clouds above made me wonder if snow was on the way. I was so not prepared for the cold weather to come early this year. Something about the winter always makes me feel so unhappy. This is an actual phenomenon, called seasonal depression. There are actually other people out there that also feel saddened whenever it is fall and winter. Believe it or not, it is actually possible for people to feel that way during the spring and summer as well, but that is pretty rare. I always feel so sad and tired whenever it is winter, it is sometimes even hard to get out of bed. I have to make sure to motivate myself every day to continue to get up. I don’t get this during the spring and summer, I love those seasons. But one thing that was motivating me to continue to get up in the early morning is knowing that I have tasks that need to be done, such as feeding my pets and watering my plants. Oh and I also have to schedule for early fall HVAC maintenance. Every year I make sure to get heating and A/C maintenance. A/C tune ups are incredibly important to keeping your systems in good shape and preventing any future problems. I need to go ahead and get up to call the local A/C dealer for an appointment.



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