I found a lot of pet hair in the HEPA filter

If you have pets of any kind, you absolutely have to stay on top of vacuuming up all of the hair that hits the carpet.

It’s important or you’ll get hair accumulating all over the place and then it becomes a lot harder to manage.

I also sweep up as much of it as possible when I’m cleaning off my ceramic flooring in the rooms that have it. My vacuums are fairly good at getting the hair as well, but it’s all about staying on top of it as it accumulates whenever our pets shed. Since they shed regularly, I can’t ever stay on top of it well enough, so that’s why I have to use air purifiers. They collect not only pet hair and dander, but also dust, dirt, mold spores, viral particles, and bacteria. The air purifiers all have HEPA filters inside that have charcoal filters on top to collect the dust before it can reach the surface of the HEPA filter itself. Since you can’t clean this kind of HEPA filter, these charcoal filters are replaced regularly to get rid of the larger particles like dust. That way the inner HEPA filter lasts a lot longer. However, lately I’ve been finding pet hair past the charcoal filters and on the surfaces of the HEPA filters instead. This level of pet hair and dander is higher than I’m used to, and I’m wondering if it’s an environmental factor causing my pets to shed to this degree right now. Pretty soon I’ll have to buy new filters for all of my air purifiers to make sure I’m starting with a clean slate again.


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