My cats love to sleep on the floor vents for the central heating system

When my close friend had a litter of kittens, I had no idea she intended to guilt me into taking not just one, but two kittens all together.

I love cats, but I definitely wasn’t looking for pets at the time.

I took the cats only because I really bonded with two of them and couldn’t say no to their cute faces. It took some time to adjust because I wasn’t used to buying pet food all of the time and handling veterinarian bills for shots and random visits. Take it from me, you don’t want to invest your time in caring for animals unless you’re willing to put them ahead of yourself in most situations. I can’t go on trips for too long unless I get someone to watch them because they’ll have emotional apoplexy without someone in the house. They’re also really particular about what kind of food they’ll eat and what temperatures they prefer as well. My cats hate it when my air conditioner is turned too low because they’ll curl up underneath a blanket somewhere and I’ll find them shivering. They run cold compared to me, which is a difficult impasse. I prefer colder temperatures than what my cats want to handle. When I run my furnace, they get extremely excited and look for the floor vents connected to the heating system so they can sleep on top. They get direct heat from the furnace when they lay down on the floor vents. I can’t blame them, I’d love the furnace to this degree as well if I was a cat 24 hours of the day.

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