I had to forgive my kids for accidentally breaking the HVAC system

There are alot of hard pills to swallow when it comes to being a parent.

First of all, you have to put your kids’ needs ahead of your own.

Even if this means picking a safer neighborhood with low crime and several schools nearby. I made this a priority as a parent because my parents didn’t do the same for me. They figured that I would adapt to the adversity in the same way they did at my age, but it had a deleterious effect on my mental health at a young and vulnerable age. But keeping my parents in a steady location for their lives wasn’t the only thing on my mind when it came to making plans about how I would behave as a new parent. I knew back then that I would have to accept it when my kids made mistakes. Too often my parents would overreact to myself or my siblings making honest mistakes. That’s true even if the mistakes are huge like breaking the central heating and cooling system. My son accidentally brushed up against the old dial thermostat in our hallway while trying to bring in a piece of furniture from the car. It was an honest mistake, but it caused the heater to turn on at an extremely high temperature and it forced the furnace to break down. In honesty we were getting to the point where we needed to replace the furnace regardless, but it was still a difficult pill to swallow as a parent. I reassured my son that we knew it was a mistake and that we were confident that he wouldn’t make the mistake again. If you can’t deal with your kids making mistakes, then you have no business being a parent.



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