My dogs always crowd around the fireplace when it’s burning

While I love all kinds of pets, I guess that I’m more of a dog person than anything else.

We had several cats and a gerbil when I was a young kid, but I always bonded more with our dogs.

My wife had to stop me from getting a third dog after I bought the second one a few months after the initial dog. I don’t blame her because she knows that we can’t handle that many pets, regardless of the financial cost. Two large dogs are plenty if you’re looking to make additions to your family without having children. They’re funny creatures, always goofing around and trying to get a laugh out of us. But when it starts to get cold outside, they wimp out and want to stay inside all day and sleep. If the central furnace is running, they’ll run to one of the floor vents to sleep as the heat leaves the ductwork. The real centerpiece in the house is the fireplace in our large living room. It’s certainly grand in its visual presence, but it’s also a huge source of heat for the entire house. Our dogs are always crowding around the base of the fireplace when we have a fire burning inside during the autumn and winter months. Sometimes I lay down next to my dogs with a pillow underneath my head for support. I love my dogs and I love our two sources of heat in our house. It’s always good to have supplemental heat sources when you live in a cold climate.


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