My workshop needed a new ductless mini split heater and air conditioner

I have been obsessed with the visual arts for years now, especially since my mother was a potter who worked primarily with ceramic.

  • I was able to help her in the workshop she used whenever she wasn’t bogged down with too many projects.

As soon as I was able to take art classes at school, I approached all of our projects with zeal. The sculpting projects were always my favorite as I had more than enough equipment at home to take the work to the next level compared to what my peers did with their own assignments. After a few years of doing sculpting as a fun hobby, I finally thought about going to art school. There was a great art school in the same city where I grew up, so I decided to attend classes there until I could network with enough people to stay employed through to the present day. I have a workshop at home where I make my clay pieces to sell at local art fairs. However, my workshop desperately needed indoor climate control so I decided to use an old window air conditioner and a space heater until I could afford something more substantial. When I had enough money I replaced them both with a ductless mini split heating and cooling system. After 10 years of using this amazing machine, I’m finally in the need of a replacement ductless mini split heating and cooling system. It’s going to take a lot of money to replace the old one with a better ductless mini split with a higher SEER rating as well.


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