I’ve mourned enough now

My wifey as well as I split up multiple weeks ago… and since then I’ve been hibernating in our weather controlled flat alone as well as I recognize it is time for a change.

It was a hard breakup as every one of us both got hurt quite badly by the news.

I’ve needed time alone to heal but now I assume it’s been long enough as well as it is time to transfer life on. I’m still working at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier although I don’t meet several women there as well as I am not going to get on an online dating app again after all of the nightmare dead ends I ran into last time being on 1. I am very thankful for our job at the heating as well as a/c supplier because it gets me out of our little home as well as talking to people. I have a tendency to be a hermit, as our dad was in later years, which doesn’t help much with trying to meet new people. I just have our cats to keep me company all day but things will change as they always do, although I need to be more proactive in finding someone I guess. I love to sit as well as watch our gas fireplace at night as well as just finally let our mind rest as well as be free from worries. I notice that when I am alone our mind really enjoys making things seem worse than they are as well as go down these rabbit holes of truly needless worry. So laboring at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier helps me greatly to not recognize as well as worry so much, along with putting some extra currency in our pocket.


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