AC can’t handle humidity

I kept telling my roommate that running the air conditioning equipment too much was not helping with the situation.

The two of us already had the thermostat set to 64 degrees nearly all the time.

Now, she has gone out and purchased an entirely new portable A/C system to supposedly assist with getting rid of more unwanted indoor humidity. The trouble was, our attempts to manage the indoor humidity levels were failing. The only thing we were managing to accomplish was a much higher energy bill. Not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure our air conditioning equipment was not meant to run constantly on high settings like we were allowing it to. But no matter what I tried to tell her, she refused to admit that there was a limit to what our air conditioning could accomplish. Finally, I reached out to a local HVAC specialist for a professional consultation about our extreme indoor air pollen levels. I showed him all of the mildew that was growing around the condo and asked for his help with these poor indoor air conditions.The HVAC technician said exactly what I expected him to say. More air conditioning would not solve the problem. Instead, we needed a dehumidifier to be installed alongside our central HVAC equipment. This way, we were getting rid of more of the bad humidity without requiring our A/C equipment to perpetually operate. This would extend the life of our A/C system. and certainly both of us, by removing a lot of that mildew.
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