Smart thermostat is useful surveillance

When my wife said that she wanted to get a brand new thermostat for our ten year old heating and cooling system, I was entirely baffled. The two of us have a very old furnace in our basement, which still does an admirable job keeping our home toasty and comfortable all winter. We also have a basic air conditioner setup, however, we barely ever find a reason to use the air conditioner because of how mild temperatures are, so we end up opening windows. What would be the point of getting a new smart thermostat for our centralized HVAC devices? We currently have a simple digital thermostat. It actually doesn’t seem to work very well as it is. Why would we decide to upgrade the technology to be even more discrepant? And that is when my wife informed me of the smartest idea I’ve ever heard. It won’t be about an indoor air temperature control system, it will be about seeing our kids when we’re not home. You see, my wife and I both work out of the home and leave the office pretty late. We cannot always keep a good eye on our children because we are out of the house. Using a smart thermostat, we can see what they are doing. If we arrived home seriously late, the smart thermostat would not change the indoor air temperature until that point. If the kids were partying, we would see all of the A/C units come online. If they were smoking, they would operate the ventilation. Thanks to my brilliant wife, we can be good parents.


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