The bathrooms had radiant heated floors in the showers

My wife and I have been traveling all over the country visiting different places.

We sold our home and we bought a motorhome.

It’s been a lot of fun to visit different places around the country. We’ve seen at least a dozen different landmarks, national parks, and State Recreation areas. We’ve been to a lot of campgrounds too. One of the nicest campgrounds we stayed at was on the West Coast. It was very close to one of the major cities and the campground had a ton of amenities including a recreational room, an indoor heated pool, and showers and bathrooms. The showers and the bathrooms were the nicest that I have seen throughout the whole country. The bathrooms had radiant heated floors in the shower. When I took off my shoes to put my feet on the floor, I immediately noticed that the floor was warm. In fact, the whole floor of the shower and the changing area was warm. It was the first time in my life that I ever had the opportunity to enjoy radiant heated flooring. It was quite an experience and definitely a luxury that I won’t soon forget. The radiant heated flooring made the bathroom much more cozy, warm, and inviting. I wrote down the name of that campground so my wife and I can stay there again when we go back to that part of the country. There have been a couple of places along the way that we have written down so we can visit them again. Some cities require several days of exploration before we can visit everything we want to see.

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