It was difficult to understand him when he was working.

I have a hearing problem that makes it difficult to understand people unless they are looking right at me.

When someone is working at the house, they talk, and not check to see if I was I was listening.

The HVAC technician was at the house last week, and working on the air conditioning unit. I was in the house with the window open, hoping to catch a breeze to help cool the kitchen. Without air conditioning, it was so hot in my home, that it made breathing difficult. The humidity was high, and we were on high alert for thunder showers, heavy downpours, and hail every evening. I let the HVAC company know i was hard of hearing, so they could make sure the HVAC technicians were aware. I didn’t know the HVAC technician was talking to me until I heard something hit the window. I walked out and asked if there was something wrong. He turned toward the air conditioning unit and started talking again. I made some noise to get his attention and told him he needed to talk while facing me or I wouldn’t hear a word he was saying. I figured he didn’t realize I could read lips when he cursed quietly and said something about this being the reason he wanted a man around. I apologized for being deaf and said my husband couldn’t do any better. He was just as deaf as I was. The man packed up his tools and got back into the service van. He gave me a note letting me know they would send an HVAC technician who was familiar with deaf people.
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