My daughter wanted to marry an HVAC technician.

My daughter came home last month and told her father and I that she was going to get married and he was an HVAC technician.

Neither her father nor I knew she was dating.

I had a hard time understanding when she had time to get engaged. She had been in school for the last year, learning how to be a certified HVAC technician. After graduation, she went to work at her instructor’s HVAC company. I must have looked like an idiot as I stared at her with a slack mouth. She put her hand under my chin and told me to close my mouth. I asked her who the man was and where she met him. She laughed and said he was in the classes with her. They would go out for coffee after classes, and he helped her study. I assumed he was another HVAC technician, and I asked when we were going to meet him. She simply said tonight and went upstairs. She was looking for a dress to wear when we went out for dinner. When we got to the restaurant, we were showed to our table. The man looked to be ten years older than our daughter. She introduced us and told us he was her instructor and the owner of the HVAC company she was working for. She told us it was love at first sight, and he agreed. I laughed when he told her they would need to get married in between seasons, so it didn’t interfere with the furnace or air conditioning months.

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