It was hard telling my husband to get a job or get out.

They shook hands before he came into the house

For the last two years, my marriage had been falling apart. When my husband broke his leg, he realized he enjoyed being home and never went back to work. He expected me to come home from work and make his dinner, clean the house, and still do the work I always bring home. I couldn’t do it anymore. He was an HVAC technician and he could get a job anywhere. It was their fault he broke his leg, and it wasn’t a reason to sit home and do nothing. He told me he was looking, but he couldn’t find anything that paid as well as the HVAC company. After telling him to call the HVAC company, he waved me away and walked out to the porch. I stood there fuming, and it was hard, but I told him to get a job or get out. I couldn’t afford to take care of him, our son, and our home, while holding down a full-time and a part-time job. He didn’t seem impressed, but I knew he heard me. I went outside to tell him dinner was ready, but he wasn’t on the porch. I saw him standing by the fence talking to our neighbor and yelled out to him. They shook hands before he came into the house. He kissed my cheek and told me he was going back to work. The neighbor owned an HVAC company and wanted him to come in and showed him what he could do. He was working for free the next day, but then he would be a full-time HVAC technician again.



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