During the day they work on the floor as sales people

Our parents work as professional flooring specialists.

During the day they work on the floor as sales people.

At night our parents have a flooring venture that they do on the side. Most of the time they work on hardwood and floor refinishing. They also install carpet, vinyl, or hardwood. There are many times our parents have projects that include waxing and stripping the floors. The other day, we went with them to help with a professional flooring work. Our parents were there to wax and strip the VCT flooring. VCT flooring is unquestionably old, but it lasts a honestly long time. This building has had VCT flooring for the last 30 years. The flooring looks nice thanks to the care they take. When our parents go there to strip and wax the floors, no one can use the ballroom at all that week. The supplier has been performing the service for 40 years. Our parents started doing the floors last year. We went to help them out and they paid us 50 bucks each. We were there all night working, and felt honestly nice the next day when our parents gave us the cash. It feels nice to put in an honorable day’s work and get paid at the end. We felt a sense of accomplishment that is strenuous to describe in any other way. It makes us think that we want to have nice jobs that we can be proud of when we get older. Maybe we could even go into the commercial flooring work with our parents.



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